Roadmap to Hearing Health 2018-19

Australia’s first Hearing Health Roadmap aims to improve the lives of the millions of Australians affected by hearing loss through a coordinated approach to improving hearing health.

The Government commenced the consulting process for the Roadmap in 2018 and finalised it in March 2019. 

HCIA contributed to the development of the Roadmap through representation on the Hearing Health Committee from the outset working in partnership with other stakeholders in the hearing sector.

Extensive consultation and discussion with stakeholders in the hearing sector, including consumer representatives, resulted in eight key priorities including:

  • a public awareness campaign,
  • child ear health checks,
  • increased availability of Australia’s sign language,
  • Auslan,
  • improved aged care hearing services, and
  • more support for people on low incomes.

A further 147 actions highlight the broad range of initiatives the Government and hearing sector can collaborate on.

Download a copy of the Roadmap to Hearing Health.

Hearing Services legislation review 2018-19

In May 2018, the Commonwealth Government notified HCIA and other stakeholders of a review of hearing services legislation.  This “red tape” review is to ensure hearing services regulations are up to date and identify opportunities to streamline, simplify or reduce regulatory burdens. 

HCIA provided its initial response to the Department of Health in May 2018 and is pleased the Department adopted many of our suggestions.   In May 2019, HCIA made a further submission to respond to questions arising from the Department’s consultation process.  Our perspective is informed by the principles of good regulation and the importance of ensuring regulation reflects changes in administration and evolving hearing services and technology. 

HCIA believes that streamlining regulation has the potential to protect the interests of consumers while minimising the regulatory burden on providers. 

The review is ongoing. 

Read more about the Hearing Services legislation review.