On World Hearing Day AustraliaTrak 2021 Survey Highlights Improved Quality of Life Amongst Hearing Aid Users

HCIA Calls for a Government Funded Awareness and Education Campaign to Support Survey Findings Hearing loss in Australia is a relatively common condition that affects approximately one in seven people in Australia. The recently released AustraliaTrak 2021 survey on hearing loss and the use of hearing devices found that 14.2% of adult Australians think they […]

Government Can Boost Workforce By Expanding Hearing Services Program to Low Income Earners

(Canberra) More than 8000 people could return to the workforce if financially vulnerable1 Australians had access to the national Hearing Services Program (HSP), according to the Hearing Care Industry Association (HCIA). To help raise awareness of hearing health and impairment this World Hearing Day and during Hearing Awareness Week HCIA commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to […]

Hearing the Call For Action

Australia’s peak hearing health sector organisations are joining forces to represent the hearing health sector to government.  With an ageing population, hearing loss is predicted to increase to a staggering one in every four Australians by 2050. The Hearing Health Sector Alliance has been formed to work with governments to help improve outcomes for Australians […]

HCIA welcomes the first Hearing Health Roadmap

HCIA welcomes the first ever national Hearing Health Roadmap endorsed today by all COAG Health Ministers. “HCIA applauds the creation of a Roadmap to chart a concerted set of actions for all stakeholders to advance the hearing health of Australians. In particular, we would like to thank Minister Wyatt for his championship and the contributions […]

Hearing Businesses Are Well Regulated

“HCIA members operate professional hearing health care clinics across Australia and are subject to substantial regulations relating to the devices they provide, the way in which they are prescribed, the health professionals they employ and the services they deliver. Australian consumer law is part of the industry’s regulatory framework to which all members must comply,” […]

Government Responds to ‘Waiting To Be Heard’

HCIA welcomes the Australian Government’s response to the parliamentary inquiry into Hearing Health and Wellbeing and its report, Still Waiting to be Heard. In its submission to the inquiry (#30), HCIA made a number of suggestions to improve hearing services in Australia which include: Improving eligibility, particularly for low income people of working age to […]

Hearing Inquiry Listens – Now is the Opportunity for Government to Act

The Hearing Care Industry Association (HCIA) welcomes the Report from the parliamentary Inquiry into the Hearing Health and Wellbeing of Australia. Entitled, “Still waiting to be heard…”, the report was tabled today by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport. “HCIA has long-championed several recommendations contained in this Report, and […]

Over 1.3 Million Australians Are Living With Hearing Loss That Could Have Been Prevented – New Report Finds

7.8 million Australians predicted to be affected by hearing loss by 2060 Increasing numbers of young people being impacted Interventions recommended to alleviate the impact of hearing loss in Australia Around 3.6 million Australians are affected by hearing loss, at a cost to the Australian economy of an estimated $15.9 billion, with more than a […]

Hearing Health – A Matter for Trained Professionals Only

Recent media reports are simply incorrect when they say that the hearing services sector is completely unregulated. The media reports fail to make it clear that all members of the Hearing Care Industry Association (HCIA) are registered to provide services under the Federal Government hearing services program and are also regulated by Commonwealth/State/Territory legislation governing […]