• Private Health Insurance and Hearing Health - 2020-2021 Edition

Government can boost workforce by expanding Hearing Services Program to Low Income Earners – Report Finds

The HCIA Hearing for Life – The value of hearing services for vulnerable Australians – March 2020 report found that the number of Australians with hearing loss is 3.95 million people in 2019-20 – or 15.3% of the population – a 9.7% increase from 3.6 million people in 2017.

Nearly all Australians of working age with hearing loss are ineligible for hearing health care under the Hearing Services Program (HSP). Hearing loss can lead to premature retirement, a greater number of sick days and diminished capacity to work productively due to an impaired ability or psychological stress.

Extending the HSP to financially vulnerable Australians aged 26-64 years would cost the Government $25.3 million annually.