• Private Health Insurance and Hearing Health - 2022 Edition

On World Hearing Day AustraliaTrak 2021 Survey Highlights Improved Quality of Life Amongst Hearing Aid Users

HCIA Calls for a Government Funded Awareness and Education Campaign to Support Survey Findings

Hearing loss in Australia is a relatively common condition that affects approximately one in seven people in Australia. The recently released AustraliaTrak 2021 survey on hearing loss and the use of hearing devices found that 14.2% of adult Australians think they are living with hearing loss.

Chair of the Hearing Care Industry Association (HCIA) Mr Ashley Wilson AM stated, ”Hearing loss imposes a significant reduction on an individual’s wellbeing and the social and economic contribution of that individual. Deloitte Access Economic estimated that loss in Australia at $21.2 billion in 2019- 20.” i

On World Hearing Day the HCIA want to highlight the need for increased awareness of hearing health and encourage those with hearing loss who have not taken the important step of having a hearing test, to get tested. For many in the community this testing will be free of charge, and as we all catch up on our healthcare post-COVID, hearing care must be part of that back to health plan.READ MORE